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New Beginnings - Creating & Dreaming BIG

When? January 17th at 6:30 P.M.
Where? Andover, Ma.

The new year is a glorious time for new beginnings, re-birthing and starting fresh. Tis the season to reflect, turn inward and contemplate a powerful vision or creation. Perhaps it could be as simple as the “next step” on your journey. Together we will explore, set an intention and radiate our desires out into the universe. Be prepared to play, have fun and dream big!

Price: $30

Pre-registration required. Bring a notebook + pen!


Awakening to the new you

When? Ongoing / Do At Your Own Pace
Where? Online

"Awakening to the New You" is a video class available for download. Bring your inner child out to play with exercises, meditation, reflection, and introspection. Pat takes you on a journey to get re-acquainted with your true authentic self, so you can share with the world the shining light that you are.

Price: $22.95


Emotional Wellness Class

When: TBA
Where: Andover Ma.

Join me for an evening of breathing, meditation + relaxation while incorporating Young Living Essential Oils. These specific oils we will be using are for releasing and healing stuck emotions. You will have the opportunity to breathe in and apply each oil in the kit; each unique and powerful, in letting go and championing the inner child. Short meditations will be incorporated with each application. Bring a journal and pen.

Cost: $35


Communicating With Your Angels

When: TBA
Where: Andover, Ma.

We are all gifted with psychic abilities in this infinite universe. Together, in this class, we will explore which intuitive practices works best for you. Yes, you will be given an opportunity to connect with your very own angel. See for yourself how awesome it is to receive guidance. An open mind and heart is all you need to bring!

Cost: $35