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Firewalk: Transcending the Fear, Awakening to Love

If you are ready to embark on a journey towards freedom and self transformation, this book, will provide the groundwork to change your life in the most amazing ways.

The tools and wisdom shared in this book allow you to crossover into the realm of possibility where courage, healing, and tremendous insight can be found. For in the midst of chaos and drama, peace can prevail. Furthermore, life is meant to be rich, sweet, and oh so beautiful!!

Explore, uncover and discover the “gem” within YOU! Allow yourself to connect to life, to living with passion and joy, and being the divine expression of love and light that you are and always will be.

Price: $14.95

Reading Firewalk for your book club? >> Here's a free PDF full of discussion questions to get you started.  

Essential Oils


Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils provide many benefits to your home, and to your health. They are used in aromatherapy, relaxation, or even dietary applications, to invigorate you with their healing qualities, or soothe you during times of stress. Young Living offers a wide catalog of different oils, with scents such as lavender, peppermint, and their own unique blends. You can view Young Living’s website to learn more about their products. 


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Awakening to The new you - online video Class

"Awakening to the New You" is a video class available for download. Bring your inner child out to play with exercises, meditation, reflection, and introspection. Pat takes you on a journey to get re-acquainted with your true authentic self, so you can share with the world the shining light that you are.

Price: $22.95