Reflections: The beginning


I write to angels, why YES I do! Angels are messengers of the Divine, Source, or Higher Power. They are pure, unconditional love and light, that are there to comfort, guide and support on ones journey. Why do I write? They bring comfort in times of fear and inspirational messages of hope, trust and faith, when all feels lost and hopeless. They help connect me to all that is, and that which is omnipotent and never ending. My angels are my life preserver when Ifeel like I am drowning and can’t save myself, which has been often. I question, listen, and thank them for their undivided attention and guidance always.

Serapis Bey, aka, Osiris is the ascended master I wrote to on this day, 8/30/11. My husband and I had just found out in 2011 that our 25-year-old son had an addiction to opiates. Osiris is known to assist with addiction, so that is whom I called upon.

Dear Osiris: My dear friend of yours, come to me now. Substance abuse and addiction is all around my family and myself. It is time for change. What can I do from my end to facilitate this?

Osiris gently responded with the following message: 

Clear your mind and clear your thoughts. Keep your body healthy and clean, practice yoga, meditate daily, journal, pray and seek support for yourself. GIVE, and I say GIVE your worries over to me and Creator, for it is too much for you to bear alone. You have received many divine signs already. Hold tight and watch the process unfold.

Osiris is like a spiritual fitness guru; he inspires, motivates, and provides hope for the future. If there is something weighing heavy on your heart, or you are just seeking guidance, call to him. Hold the mental intention of connecting with him, then stop a moment, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. As you breathe in, think about your desires. As you exhale, imagine that you’re releasing whatever is bothering you. At some point you may feel his presence around you by either hearing his voice or sense some thoughts that came from him. Embrace whatever it is you receive from him.

As I reflect back on this time in my life seven years ago, I am beyond grateful for my powerful angel friends. Their presence has made such a difference in my life, and I say this with the deepest of gratitude. For the lessons, blessings and gifts they have bestowed on me, I am eternally indebted to them all. I truly believe I would not be at this peace-filled space in my life today without them. May you find this grace and solace too!