Waking Up


I grew up in a volatile, chaotic home filled with drama and an enormous amount of fear. I often felt helpless, alone, and like a victim. I had no self-esteem, didn’t like myself; never mind love myself, and I would have preferred to exist as a wallflower and never been seen. Ever since I can remember I was scared to death of everything. I kid you not. I became the peacemaker in the family, the healer and nurse, as well as co-dependent to my parents, which was a sick, tainted relationship. They completely ruled my love and it made me crazy. I attempted to break this co-dependent cycle but the plan went drastically awry and only made life more of a living hell. This twisted relationship with my folks had escalated to an all-time high and something felt like it was going to burst! I didn’t know how or when, but I felt danger lurking in the air.

My call to adventure came shortly thereafter when my dad died followed by my mom’s passing five weeks after. Ten months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer which catapulted me into a dark night of the soul. Depression, fear, and anxiety filled my sad and somber days. No one could save me, but me, and I didn’t have the foggiest notion of how to do that. 

Thus the journey of the deep, rich work began. Through teachers, healers, books, and complementary therapies, plus a newfound faith in a higher power, I slowly began to heal my mind, body and spirit. By practicing self-love and self-care exercises, I realigned with my authentic self which is pure love. Looking at old thoughts and beliefs and changing them was transformational too. The lens shifted and my life was no longer remotely the same. I was given a second chance at life and living with clear intent, purpose, and reverence. I was waking up and remembering who I was. I came to the realization that I am solely responsible for me. Like a Phoenix rising, I was rising up from the ashes, reborn a with wisdom and strength that create a light bright enough to encourage and inspire others on their journey. 

Today, I describe myself as a goddess, a warrior woman, a victor who seeks the nectar of life. This is indeed a journey of self-discovery and exploration and it can be extraordinary. I no longer resist life but allow life to flow to and through me. I am blessed beyond measure for all of it. Without my past I wouldn’t be who I am today and for that I am eternally grateful!

My question to you?

Are you living your best life? Are you happy, fulfilled, abundant in love, relationships and great health? Or are you dissatisfied, feeling empty and living in the limit and lack mentality? The awesome news is, is that you don’t have to stay stuck, life wants to give you exactly what you desire. Perhaps, it’s time to make some changes. Perhaps it’s time to wake up to the real YOU!

Want to dive deeper into this work with some gentle guidance?  I would love to be your guide. 

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